Since the covid-19 isolations, there appears to have been a drop in collections from the dog waste bins. The normal service will surely be resumed as soon as there are staff to do this.
What I fail to understand is the full bags of waste, left beside the bins. Why? I am sure the dog owners who kindly bag their waste are not going to toss rubbish in the hedges, so expecting someone else to come along ……Whenever …. Sometime …. and remove your dog’s poop is quite disgusting. If the bin is full, take your dog’s waste home and bin it there, not leave dirty bags to blow around the fields and verges.
If you are one of the people, who doesn’t pick up your dogs waste, the footpaths have now become more of an assault course to avoid slipping and sliding in poop! Please think of others, pick the poop and dispose of it at home.
Thank you