Buckland Parish Council

Buckland Burial Ground is owned and maintained by Buckland Parish Council.  The patch of land was purchased after it became apparent that the All Saints Churchyard was reaching capacity, with the aim of providing burials for residents and those with strong links to the Parish.  There are both consecrated and unconsecrated areas to accommodate all faiths.

Maintenance is aimed at keeping the ‘feeling’ of a country churchyard.

Within the Churchyard is the Grade II list memorial to the fallen of WWI and WWII as well as within the Burial Ground’s unconsecrated area, a monument to residents of the area from the Roman Era.


Approval for burial of any resident, whose name is included in the current Register of Electors for Buckland Parish at the time of death will be approved by the Clerk.

Approval for the burial of any whose name is not included in the current Register of Electors at the time of death, will be decided by three Buckland Parish Councillors, in consultation with the Clerk.

Residents of Buckland, who are forced to leave the Parish to go into a full time care institution will be treated as resident in the Parish at the time of death.


  • Each burial will be in a numbered plot, allocated by the Clerk and will be sold on a 50 year tenure.
  • Consideration should be given to the advantage of purchasing a double depth grave to cater for future family requirements.
  • Flowers and small perennials may be planted on the grave space.
  • No shrubs, or trees, are permitted.
  • Grave mounds which have been unattended for a period of 12 months, will be levelled, in order to facilitate maintenance of the grounds.
  • Flower tributes, together with their containers, should be removed within one month of the funeral.
  • All unsafe headstones will be laid flat.
  • The grave space will be 4′ x 9′, allowing an additional 6″ for foot access all round.

All enquiries should be made to the Clerk, Parish Office, Halton Village Hall, Halton, HP22 5NG.


  • Only headstones are permitted, with a maximum size of:-
    w 90 cm x h 120 cm x thickness 15cm
    w 60 cm x h 10 cm x depth 30 cm
  • Headstones may be of any stone quarried in the UK, or from Oak.  No other monuments are allowed.
  • There are to be no stone, or wooden kerbs, of any kind, fencing, railings, chains, chippings or glass sades allowed.
  • Headstone designs and inscriptions must be submitted to the Parish Clerk for approval by the Parish Council, before any work is undertaken.
  • Unsafe headstones shall be laid down and the registered owners advised.
  • Copies of the plans will be kept with the records

Registered Owners

It is important the the Clerk is kept up to date with details of all the registered owners of the graves and headstones.  This will enable communication should the headstone become unstable and allow for the owner to facilitate repair.


The fees for burials and headstones/memorials are set by the Parish Council.  Currently, (2018/19) they are as follows:

Single depth grave£400
Double depth grave£600
Permit for headstone£200

Memorial Fees

Interment of ashes£150
Additional wording£50

Sextant fee (payable on all interments)

Sextant fee (payable on all interments)£50

These fees are used towards the maintenance of the Burial Ground.

All burial payments to be sent to the Parish Clerk any fees for church services should be aid directly to All Saints Parochial Church Council.