Interested in contributing to local affairs ?

The Clerk to the Parish Council is retiring, so a new Clerk is to be recruited for 12 hours per week, with one Parish Council Meeting a month. Hourly rate will depend on qualifications and experience.
Being a Clerk is a fun, but sometimes, challenging position. The term, ‘Clerk’ is old and maintained by the National Association as a reflection of the times past. The more modern title, adopted by some councils, is ‘Chief Executive or Proper Officer’. But at parish level, we defer to ‘Clerk’.
The responsibilities will include, but not limited to, maintaining and reporting on the financial position of the Parish Council, attending meetings, researching legal topics and maintaining the web site (with professional help!) Work is done towards planning, street lighting, submitting grant application, burials, land maintenance organisation and so many other duties as they come up.
Currently, the Parish Council rent a space within Halton Village Hall Parish Offices, where another Clerk works. It can be slightly lonely working from home and it is always helpful to have another mind on hand to ‘bounce’ ideas off. But this can be discussed with the new Clerk.
If you are up for a challenge and keen on understanding and contributing to the locality, please email me your telephone number and email address so that I can send out the full Job Description and we can have a chat.