Neighbourhood Plan Update

The original Buckland Neighbourhood Plan is now over four years old and needed revisiting and revising slightly.  The information that was gained from the survey conducted in 2019 has now been added to the Plan and Buckland Parish Council are now starting to go through the process of getting it ‘made’.  The first of these process’ is to consult the community on the Plan.

Attached here is the current draft.

Please read it and if you can make any comments, via email, to, or mail to:- The Clerk, Parish Office, Village Hall, Old School Close, Halton, HP22 5NG.  All comments will be added to the evidence base and submitted for consideration by the Independent Inspector.

It is unfortunate that there can be no physical consultation in the Village Hall, as there was before, but the new COVID measures do not allow for it.

A vote can only be made next May, but by this time it is hoped that all the paperwork will be agreed and in place.