Neighbourhood Plan

Buckland Parish Council considers the modifications are not so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the Development Plan which these modification proposals will modify for the following reasons:

  • BP1 Settlement Boundary:  this new policy has been included to clarify policies BP5 and BP6 of the existing Plan
  • BP12: Provision of on-site parking space:  The words ‘Apartments must adhere to the same onsite parking requirements’ were added to this policy because one change of use development has led to vehicles parking on grass verges creating a traffic hazard for pedestrians and other road users.
  • Natural Environment:  Buckland Parish Council has purchased land for a community orchard, wildlife meadow and nature reserve, details of which have been added to the Plan.  BP16 has been amended to include the requirement for a minimum net gain in biodiversity of at least 10%
  • Buckland Parish Council considers that these modifications will improve the natural environment and wellbeing of the Parish.

The following documents have been submitted to Buckinghamshire Council:-

BNP 3 – 24 March 2021, Submission Draft

BNP4 Basic Conditions Statement rev

BNP2 Consultation Statement pdf

Dear Resident/Land Owner
Buckland Parish

25th November 2020

Buckland Neighbourhood Plan – November 2020 Update

Further to our previous consultation in September, Buckland Parish Council has been asked by Buckinghamshire Council to carry out a further 6 week public consultation period of the draft Buckland Neighbourhood Plan document.  This consultation begins on 27th November 2020 and ends on 10th January 2021.

The original Buckland Neighbourhood Plan is now over four years old and needs reviewing to bring it up to date. The information that was gained from the survey of the Parish conducted in December 2019 has now been added to the Plan. Buckland Parish Council is now starting to go through the statutory process of review (regulation 14). The first of these processes is this public consultation on the revised Plan.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan now includes further environmental protection for our Parish, as well as the addition of the recently acquired land in Lower Buckland for a community orchard, wildlife area and nature reserve. Buckland Parish Council considers the changes that have been made to be material modifications which clarify the Plan but do not change the nature of the Plan.

If you responded to the September consultation your comments have already been noted and there is no need to send them again.  However, we would be grateful to receive any further comments you may wish to make.

The draft Plan is now available online. It is unfortunate that there can be no physical consultation in the Village Hall, as there was before, but the COVID measures do not allow for it.  To see the plan, please visit the Buckland Parish Council Website at  If you require a hard copy of the draft Plan, or any further details, please contact the Clerk.

Comments on the draft Plan can be made by email to, or mail to:- The Clerk, Parish Office, Village Hall, Old School Close, Halton, HP22 5NG. All comments will be taken into consideration by the Parish Council, added to the evidence base and submitted to Buckinghamshire Council for consideration by an Independent Examiner.

A referendum cannot be held until May 2021, but by this time it is hoped that all the paperwork will be in place and approved.

Planning regulations are constantly changing, but a Neighbourhood Plan will always
ensure that your views are taken into account by the planning authorities in determining planning applications.

Mrs Fiona Lippmann
Clerk to Buckland Parish Council