URGENT – closes 20th August, 2020 – OLLECO Current Application CM/0037/20 – New Application to increase capacity

Below is the Parish Council’s objections to the latest Olleco application.

Please, if you are affected, follow this link to Buckinghamshire County’s planning page and place your objections.  BE HEARD !


OLLECO  Current Application CM/0037/20


The Parish Council objects to this application for the following reasons:

This application is to process cooking oil on a site which has failed to stop odours escaping from the current food waste processing already taking place there.  When the initial planning application was submitted by Olleco for processing food waste local residents and Parish Councillors were told on several occasions that there would be zero odours outside the site boundary.  This has not been the case.  There have been major problems for local residents, walkers, cyclists, etc. caused by the continual escape of foul odours from this development.  Despite complaints to Olleco and the Environment Agency no improvement has taken place.  In fact, odour escape has increased recently, especially during July 2020, as can be seen from the Environment Agency’s own figures for the number of complaints received.

Whenever complaints are made to Olleco – and this is a very regular occurrence – the staff at Olleco always find excuses, but no improvement follows.

In this current planning application Olleco maintain in their odour statement that there will be no odour immediately outside the building and therefore zero odour at the site boundary. They have failed over the years to achieve this with their existing food waste processing on this site, despite original promises being given that there would be zero odours outside the site boundary.  This site has a history of odour pollution, which gets worse, not better, as time goes by.

This planning application for further processing of oil and food waste on this site is contrary to planning policies G8 and GP95 of AVDLP, para 170 (e) of the NPPF and BP9 of the Buckland Neighbourhood Plan.  The development proposed will have a detrimental effect on residential amenity over a wide area and on the local environment, including the Grand Union canal, and therefore this application must be refused.